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What does the Metaverse, NFT's, and Crypto have to do with today's employment landscape?

One thing that has always set me apart from others has been my ability to "predict the future". One of the last operations directors I worked with actually referred to me as "The Oracle" after several of my hypotheses about the job market proved to be spot on (despite his personal skepticism). To me, with my experience and understanding, it was clear. However, to him, it was a bit difficult to comprehend at the time.

Value and Adoption

What I've learned over the years is that people's inability to see the value in something, doesn't actually mean there isn't value there. This is especially true when the product, service, etc. is something new or unrelatable.

As we know by looking at the Innovation Adoption Lifecycle, there are few Early Adopters and even fewer Innovators but once you reach the Early Majority stage, that new thing, is now normalized. This has been the case with cell phones, the internet, online dating, and now it's happening with digital currency, NFT's, AR/VR, and the Metaverse but I guarantee that a majority of you reading this will own an NFT in the next 10 years or less.

So, what does that have to do with the employment landscape today?

It’s a direct correlation to the way many organizational leaders view the market shift toward the gig economy, DE&I, engagement, and work-life integration. They see and hear a lot of talk about it, but they can’t seem to really wrap their heads around it let alone understand the value of these things. They can’t see the inevitable necessity of change to the employer/employee relationship. Much like social media in 2005, many believe that it’s just a fad that won’t last but, and feel to jot this down, IT’S NOT!

So, where do you see yourself, your boss, or your CEO on this bell curve when it comes to the adoption of new ways of working, DE&I, and work-life integration? This is a key item to seek alignment on when accessing a potential employment relationship.

Don't be a Laggard!

Now is the time to seek to understand this paradigm shift and really own your leadership title. Fight your subjective urge to dismiss things that are not immediately clear or relatable to you. Be resourceful, be creative, and be an innovator. Read articles, listen to podcasts, and source your team for information that can help you get a better pulse on both the current problem and the potential solutions.

Those organizations that are making a concerted effort to both understand and embrace this shift now, will reap the Innovator and Early Adopter benefits when it comes to attracting and retaining the best people and thus giving themselves and their business a significant market advantage.


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